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  5. "我没有意见。"


Translation:I don't have an opinion.

November 25, 2017



While "I don't have an opinion" may be the literal translation, the implied meaning is very different from English: It could be "I don't care", but if there is already a suggestion and someone 有意见, what you mean is that that person has a differing opinion – in other words an objection to the suggestion.


I have no objections.


While its a fine direct translation i agree with above comments that in use it means something more like "i don't mind" or "i don't object"


I'm okay with (it, both suggestions, anything, etc.). I've no objections. No comment or Nothing from me.


I put I don't mind. Duolingo said that it was wrong. It's not. Both should have been excepted.

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