"Does she like eggs?"

Translation:Вона любить яйця?

November 25, 2017

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so from what i'm noticing, there's no difference between a question and a statement other than the question mark and your intonation when you say it - is this right or am i missing something?


Yes, you are totaly right. Questions are made by intonation only, there is no different word order or anything else. The same is true for special questions. A special word starts the sentence, then goes it's rest, in the same order as usual. But the intonation of general and special questions differs. For general, we rise tone towards the end. For special, we make stress on a special word (then goes the same rising pattern as for general questions, but in less obvious manner).


Thank you! What are "special questions"?


Також може казати "чи їй подобаються яйця?"

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