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  5. "No queremos emparedados."

"No queremos emparedados."

Translation:We do not want sandwiches.

March 15, 2013



En España dicen 'bocadillos' en lugar de 'emparedados'


in Spain we may find the word emparedado but bocadillo or sandwich is more used. Normally I'd say that bocadillo uses standard bread where as sandwich uses sliced bread (what we call pan de molde or pan bimbo (since Bimbo is a powerful brand of sliced bread such as Coke is for cola-drinks))


I miss Bimbo!

FYI Bimbo is a slang word in English that means an attractive but unintelligent woman, so it always made us laugh when we went to the supermercado to pick up a Bimbo!


I didn't know the slang word xDD


Have a look: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bimbo

They even have the "pan bimbo" usage :D


It seems the 'blondie effect' is much more spread xD


Te gustaría practicar español, tengo un grupo de amigos latinos que quieren practicar inglés, te interesaría unirte al grupo?


I have never heard this word for sandwiches- where is this used?


Central America and the Caribbean according to Wiktionary. But sándwich is apparently the most popular word.

EDIT: it seems like Panama is really the only country that uses emparedado, but they would also understand the word sándwich.


When I asked my spanish friends if they know this word they were like wtf? where could I possibly hear about this word? They also said they never use and they always use sandwich


NOWHERE. Absolutely nowhere. It is an entirely antiquated word that is no longer used in Spanish, and you are really only learning it for lessons on Duolingo.


Company is is Mexigo. I believe


DuoLingo is from Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


exaclty like first it said something like smacka or something but never emparados and if we did itwould not be orange


Decimos sandwich aquí en Guatemala.


Sí. Y yo enseño sándwich, emapredado, y aun bocadillo. Pero definitivamente prefiero emparedado. :-) Es totalmente español y no un préstamo.


In Mexico we call them sandwiches too!


I think this is unfair because when you put just 'do not' that could easily be either 'I do not' or 'we do not' so you never know which is which!


I make that mistake all the time. You can actually tell which it is by the verb, "queremos" means that "nosotros" was the subject. Hope that helps :)


That does help. Thank you.


bocadillo/a also a word for sandwich? I have been using bocadilla/o in cuba and mexico


only in masculine, bocadillo. Bocadilla does not exist (in Spain)


Why can't it be "I". Why is it "we"?


because of the verb ending "mos"


At first I read this as "We are not sandwiches". I think I'm expecting weird phrases from duo at this point.


I know this has been said before, but emparedado is an archaic term used in only one place in the world. Most Spanish speakers use bocadillo , for what we call a hero or submarine sandwich, and sándwich for a sandwich made with sliced bread. It would be nice if Duolingo changed this so we don't embarrass ourselves when we go to other countries.


I heard "no corremos emparedados". We don't walk sandwiches. Of course not, who does?


how can you not like sandwiches?


Where did "we" come from?!


The word queremos. The "emos" indicates that they're referring to "we". Kind of like escribimos, hablamos, leemos, etc.


I said We don't like sandwiches. Wouldn't that be right too? In Mexico, by the way, besides using the word sandwich, we use torta. Never emparedados.


I was wondering about that. Of the few things I remember from my spanish class, it was that profesora taught us that the word for sandwich is "torta", and some other word that I can't seem to remember right now.


This is ridiculous it's clearly sandwiches


If it is "we" why wasn't the word nosotros used?


Because one aspect of Spanish is that the verb often indicates the subject according to how it is congugated, so you only would add yo, tú, or nosotros when you want to place special emphasis on the subject. Quiero= I want, quieres = you want, queremos = we want.


I had no idea what it was i always say "sandwich"


By far i can say , dulingo takes responsibility of emparedado. Nowhere on earth emparedado is used. It is amazing that learners through dulingo are the very people who knows emparedado. Hats off to last generation of emparedados.


it is really hard to understand what she is saying


The word (sandwiches) in Spanish is VERY HARD!!


Duolingo just informed me that emparedados meant hero! When I tried to look it up, my Spanish dictionary laughed at me.


Im having trouble understanding when to use leo lees leer and when to use escribo escribes and escribir.....help please and thanks


When I started this course 6+ years ago Duolingo was very fond of the word emparedado. A few years ago when Duo had a revision of the course they replaced emparedado with sándwich. I am surprised this sentence has survived. I am doing a (Checkpoint 6) practice right now and it is pulling me these older sentences to practice.

FYI: I have seen the word emparedado only once in a Mexican restaurant in Mexico. It was kind of fancy place. Other that one instance, I have never seen or heard the word emparedado anywhere else.

(Jan 9, 2020)

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