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"O ženách stále mluví, ale chápe je velmi málo."

Translation:He always talks about women but understands them very little.

November 25, 2017



How topical these days


Two points here i don't understand: The first is in this exercise why is'he is always talking about women..'not accepted. Secondly how can you tell in this conjugation when mluví refers to third person singular or plural.


The first part of my question is no longer relevant as my answer is now accepted. I must have got something else wrong. I still can't puzzle out the answer to the second part of my post. What am I missing.


'Mluví' has the same form for both singular and plural, but 'chápe' does not: the plural is 'chápou' ;)


Would “vždý” work here as well as stále? My understanding is that vždý is used for always in the sense of being repetitve but not ongoing, and stále is used for always in the sense of ongoing and constant. Am I not understanding this correctly?


Seems like you are correct about stále being ongoing. So stále works here because he talks about women pretty much all the time. He doesn't just do it in response to some occasional stimulus to which he "always" responds the same way (vždy). For example, He always come to see me when he is in town. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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