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Native and fluent languages to be indicated together with a list of languages being learned?

Perhaps, if when somebody posts a comment in a discussion, it would be a good idea two have an indication of which language or languages the person is fluent in.

Maybe this could be shown with the person's profile or alongside the list of languages being learnt.

Of course if there were more than one variation of that language such as Australian English, British English etc this would also need to be shown.

The reason I think this could be helpful is that we would know where the person is 'coming from' (not geographically!) when posting and therefore we would have some idea of how much credence to give any comment they made make about the language.

I do realise that some learners of a language may know and understand more of the grammar in any particular point than a native speaker.

What do others think about this idea?

November 25, 2017



It could also be very helpful to contributors in sentence reports if this were shown there too. When I tick that my answer should be correct for a sentence with the word "jumper" where the US English translation says "sweater", it might help the contributors—none of whom being speakers of British English—to give them some clue as to why it might be that I'm continually reporting such things. ^^


I'm not sure who you want to do what. Can you kindly clarify, please? I have put this idea forward, but I don't know how to get it implemented by DL, if your comment is directed to me. Maybe a staff member could come across this discussion and see it as a good supported idea if enough people join in and upvote too. (Yes, I do mean 'too')

Edit: I think you have edited your reply to make sense to me? This now makes my reply to you make no sense! I'll leave this here for a while and then, if I remember to come back to it I will delete it


(First - practicalities are for Duo to workout.) I agree with you about knowing this fluency/ native language is relevant as to how much credence to give a comment. More than that I have found it to be relevant to how I understand someone, given that if we have different native languages we have different suppositions about the things we are talking about that can be quickly confused when one or both of us don't have higher levels of understanding of the language where our ability to process nuanced thoughts is low and confused about things that a native speaker is well past, because we have to work on translating the words properly rather than ordering things in our memory and processing the contents of it.


...idea two have...? I wonder where you are coming from!

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Funny thing is that this mistake (confusing two and to) is usually made by native speakers (especially young ones).


I didn't make this mistake, my tablet did it for me. I do make many mistakes, but not this one. My mistake was not reading through the post properly prior to posting.


Nice chuckle, thanks! Of course I should have spotted this. 'two' should be 'to'. I've found I cannot edit my OPs, so leaving this for all to have a chuckle.

I'm coming from a tablet that sometimes does a sneaky selection of a word that I haven't intended without my noticing. This is also sometimes the reason why I get an answer wrong in DL. Other reasons are my lack of knowledge, and very interesting typos.

For another chuckle, I come from a town in the UK with a spelling that bears no relationship to the spelling of 'Hezbollah', and I had never written it on any device as far as I know. It doesn't even have the same number of letters as 'Hezbollah'. After writing a few times where I come from I suddenly noticed that the tablet was changing it to 'Hezbollah'!!!

Now, it could cause a whole lot more problems to say that I am from 'Hezbollah' than changing 'to' to 'two'.


If at all possible, I always untick 'predictive text'. But not all machines allow this -

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