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What is your strategy to study many languages at the same time?

There a lot of users studying 3 or more languages at the same time (on Duolingo). Do you think that is a good idea? what is your strategy to study many languages at the same time? What is your strategy to retain as many words as possible?

November 25, 2017



Focus one at a time.


Spend one day focusing on Spanish and the other on French.


-I was studying French, Spanish, and Italian at the same time, and it was both helpful and a bit confusing at times. My Italian helped me with possessives in French and Spanish, but sometimes I would mix up Spanish and Italian vocabulary. -I don't think learning a few languages simultaneously is necessarily bad, but it can be challenging. I'm currently in Spanish 1 at school so I focused on it a bit more than the French or Italian. Since the three are all Romance languages, they share similarities in terms of grammar and vocabulary and whatnot.
-My profile shows that there's 20+ languages I'm "learning" but really I've pushed the majority aside. My strategy to retain as many words as possible is to use Tinycards. My brain picks up on vocabulary fairly quickly when words are presented in flashcard form.


i can tell im gonna get a ton of downotes but OMG ANOTHER SHADOWHUNTER YESSSSSSS


um i just fumble my way through i dont really have a strategy


What works for me is still doing all three each day, but not at the same time. For example, I do German early in the day, then Norwegian in the afternoon and Swedish in the evening. It may not work for everyone, but it works for me.

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