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  5. "McDonald's cola"

"McDonald's cola"

Translation:맥도날드 콜라

November 25, 2017



Thank you so much


Why "cola" and some other words have two ㄹ? There's a way to distinguish that by pronunciation or hearing?


In certain words you need two ㄹ to make the l sound. If there was only one ㄹ in 콜라 it would sound more like cora


I got it now! Thank you^^


Do you want cok? Yes I want cok


So the ('s) in McDonald's is silent when typed in hangul? Coz ~ 맥도갈드 and not 맥도날드스.. ?


It is not silent. it was lost.

Example: Koreans pronounce Paris without the ‘s’ and that’s what the French do. While English speakers usually say it unless they have a reason for doing the French pronunciation.

Example: In English, we use the word “sherif”. This is just another way word sounds mutate to a non-native speakers ear or use. Originating from Arabic “shareef” like Omar Sharif. The English pronunciation lost the longer sound on the second syllable, and put the accent instead on the first part of the word.


Nothing for the 's?


I though something like 의 would enter there as well, as does with "Man's name" (남자의 이름), but I think it has to do with the 'S being at use here not standing for possession, but rather acting just as a point of reference of where you're getting the thing from...


Yeah I think you're right. I just have to adjust how I understand 의


so they write mc donald with 맥 not 멕?

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