"Nu vreau nici bere, nici vin."

Translation:I want neither beer, nor wine.

November 25, 2017

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"I do not want either beer or wine"?
To my ear, "I want neither beer, nor wine" sounds very literary or archaic - it would be ok in: "I want neither beer, nor wine. Fetch me a flagon of the finest armagnac in Albion or I shall have you flayed!"


I respectfully disagree. "I neither want nor need beer" . Here, 'neither' is associated with the 'want' not the object of the want i.e. 'beer'.


I neither want,or i want neither are the same in uk language


Okay... people... in English the pattern is: neither X nor Y nor Z nor A

In Romanian it seems to be the same pattern but using nici at every step

The difference between the two is that in Romanian you're also negating the front part ... hence: Nu vreau nici X nici Y nici Z

Whereas in English it would be even more stilted to say: I do not want neither X nor Y

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