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Japanese Course method

The way the Japanese course was organized is a bit hard to learn. It is not intuitive. Japanese course will have root words, phrases, letters as separate choices. The sentence, "あさごはんを食べませんか?”, has the choices "あ", "さ", "ごはん", "を" "食", "べませ", "ん", "か". The other language courses usually provide choices in the ff manner: "あさごはん", "を", "食べません", "か". Which is much more simple in my opinion. The strength of that simpler format is that the student/user associates the word directly to a given context.

(Method 1) Japanese course: "食" + "べませ" + "ん" = Not eat

(Method 2) Method of other courses: 食べません = Not eat

Method 2 is easier to remember because it allows you to associate just 1 word to its meaning. While method 2 makes you associate 3 separate letter/kanji/group of letters to its meaning.

November 25, 2017



I think that if you use the web version, you can pick the option to let you type the whole sentence so you don't have to worry about that fragmentation issue.


A very frequent complaint in the Japanese forum

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