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Anyone else completely lose motivation after losing their streak?

I think I've started the Turkish tree about five times but every time I lose my streak I just give up and come back like a month later, only to do the same thing again. I want to quit using Duolingo alltogether, but it does give you a daily schedule, at least. When I learn stuff like grammar myself I usually write it all down but don't know what to do with it after.

November 25, 2017



It’s just a number you lose. You still have the knowledge you gained.


Yes, it can be discouraging. I stopped for a while after I gave up a streak of over a year.

Maybe you need some outside resources to keep you excited - like a meetup group, italki, music videos or something more “fun”. That way you can balance the DL exercises with other material. For me, it’s reading Italian novels. Set DL goal to 10, and just do 1-2 exercises a day, and then some other stuff to balance it out. Progress will be slow, but it won’t feel overwhelming.


By the way, as an exercise in aural training, you may enjoy the recent Turkish documentary film “Kedi.” It’s a total love letter to the city of Istanbul and all its cats. Beautifully filmed, and a lot of fun.



Happened to me a lot... lost a 92-95 a few times:( and now I just lost a 30... and each time it took me a few days to come back. I started measuring my learning in level rather than streak, and that is what really matters.Happens, just get over it and get going! Here, have a lingot to cheer you up


I know the feeling, I took a break of 3 or 4 months after I lost my last streak. I tell myself it's just a number, but I don't know what happens if I lose my current streak.

I'd suggest you make a very low XP goal, 10 XP or even just 1 XP, which you can do with timed practice, it might not seem like much, but on other days you might do more than that and you get that routine to check in and do something, even if it's only for a minute. Also always have a streak freeze equipped.


Absolutely agree with both of your points here. After the last streak lost (and taking 5 months to return) I set my daily goal to 10 and even if I always do way more (like 200 at minimum per day) I never ever change it. I also always keep a streak freeze ready and a weekend amulet too, even if I think that this streak I've just used one or two streak freezes in total.

In the end the streak is secondary to language learning but it does help to keep you continue.


Yes, twice.

The first time, it was a streak of 420 days.
The second time, it was a streak of 189 days.

It didn't take me a month to bounce back, but I was a bit depressed.

I write down grammar notes and I take down unfamiliar words when I watch a movie or TV show, and I look them up later. I never do anything with them. The act of writing it down helps me to focus.


Come on! Don't let that insignificant things darken the important ones!


... but every time I lose my streak ....

Maybe the advice of moderator Usagiboy 7 helps to keep your streak.
Checked on your Streak freeze today?


Just stop putting that much value in the streak, perhaps even set a more dynamic goal for yourself. I.e. "200xp / week*. Each time you have to restart and relearn things that alone will likely severely demotivate you. Get a habit: i.e. before bedtime. set you daily goal to 10xp, just do 1 exercise if you don't have much time.


Turkish is tough. I did the French and Turkish trees simultaneously, and I always had the French tree to fall back on for those days when Turkish was just too much to handle.

Do stick with Turkish, though. It's a great feeling when it all starts to come together and make sense.


Try http://www.hellolingo.com for a little bit of a motivation booster.

Chat / speak from day #1 (read it on a Polyglot blog about the most important rule of top 5)


I did that a looot for the first several years that I was on Duolingo. I'd do a lot of practice all in a rush for a few days or a week, then I'd forget and my streak would be gone and I wouldn't touch Duolingo again for months. I knew it was stupid to rely on the "cartoon flame" (as another user said) for motivation, but it just made me feel really discouraged, like forgetting for one day was a major failure holding me back from learning. I repeated this cycle a number of times before I figured out what works for me:

First, as a couple others have mentioned, I switched my daily goal from 20 XP to 10. That way, I only have to do one lesson to maintain my streak on days when I'm busy and/or traveling and/or in a bad mood.

Second was that I had to really commit to doing it daily not just with Duo, but with myself - that way some of the motivation is internal. I find that I'm more likely to keep promises I make to myself rather than to a piece of software.

Third, I think it's helpful to link new habits to existing ones as a way of cementing them as part of your routine. An easy example is something like flossing - if I decide to floss every day right after I brush my teeth in the evening, then I automatically remember to floss when I brush my teeth. I did the same thing with running - I decided that I would go for a run each morning when I got up, so now running is the default first step in a day. Maybe if you set a time like this - decide that you'll do Duolingo every day after dinner, or when you get home from work, or some other thing that will tie it into the rest of your routine.

Finally, for me it was important to set a timeframe. Making a decision like "I will do my Duolingo every day" is kind of daunting without a specific goal for how long you'll keep up the habit - are you going to do it every day for the rest of your life?? I had heard that 60 days was what it required to establish a habit, so I made a deal with myself that I would keep up my streak for at least 60 days. Now I'm at 79 (my longest streak ever) and going strong.

This is a really long answer but I hope it's at least a little bit helpful! Good luck, and enjoy learning Turkish - it's a fascinating language. :)


What are the streaks for?


they're for nothing really // more like something you show off



Streaks measure the number of days in a row you've met your Coach goal. https://www.duolingo.com/settings/coach There are also streak freezes so people can take a day off. It won't add to the number of your measured streak, instead, it will freeze it in place for 24 hours.


There are many different reasons people might keep a streak. One's own motivation might not apply to another person, even if they both result in the same number of days on a streak.

Throughout my life, I've had a hard time sticking with activities long term. I would start things and then get distracted by something else and lose track of the other thing. Once I discovered there was such a thing as a streak on Duolingo, I could track the number of days I'd signed in.

Watching the numbers go up meant a lot to me, because it was the number of days I'd kept coming back. Even if some days when I felt burnt out I only got one XP, it still meant I hadn't wandered off and forgotten about Duolingo. Source discussion


Hi StevenMont553390,

I actually just let go of a 50+ day streak so I could go camping with a friend this week. I only feel a small twinge for it. But, a while back, I lost a streak that was close to 1,000 days. After that, I stopped doing much language studies for about a year. Losing that streak was a mix of relief and loss of motivation altogether. Keeping one so long was an important experience, and it turned out that so was losing it. I hope you'll check out a post I made about it. You can find it by clicking here: On starting again after losing a streak. Also, I just saw that pentaan posted a link to Checked on your Streak freeze today? so, I won't link it a second time.

When it comes to writing down the grammar, what I did with Spanish was not just writing down what other people had written, but trying to write it a new way for myself. If the explanation was really long, I'd think of a way to write it down in a shorter way etc. Basically, I made myself process it and explain it to myself as though I were teaching someone else.

Next, don't make an endless streak your goal. A streak that goes on forever is not a goal that you can ever reach. It is bound to end in death or failure. Both of those situations do not offer a place to experience the satisfaction of success. So, make a goal that is achievable for you. First, look at the reasons you've lost your streak in the past. Is there a pattern? If there is, either you can use that to plan your solution for a longer, achievable goal. Or, you recognize that there are circumstances beyond your control and you set your goal at reaching that spot each time before letting your streak go and starting again. So, your goal could then become "I want x number of streaks that last [however long your previous streaks have lasted]." But, make sure the goal is achievable. It's important to experience successes in anything you set your mind to or there is a high chance you'll become frustrated and give up and take that bad experience with you into other areas of your life. For this reason, I created the discussion: Are your language goals holding you back?. Not everyone is the same. So, what I wrote in that discussion might not appeal to everyone. But, it seems to have helped re-energize several others, as well as myself and help us fall in love with language learning again.

I wish you the best. :)

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