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Clubs on computer?

Hi, I was wondering if we could add clubs on computer. I know it's already on the app, but I'd like to see how I'm doing in my club when I'm practicing on the computer, too. Maybe consider adding this to the website?

November 25, 2017


  • club = in Duolingo app (mobile device - Android, iOS, ...) only

  • workaround:

1) Install the Bluestacks executable program on the PC or MAC and load the Duolingo app there.

-- and / or --

2) Install a hardware device that is letting you work on your telephone on the PC or MAC (e.g. the DEC for Samsung telephone)


NOX and VMWare (Android x64 images for V12/V14 player or workstation) might be another solution.

NOX was not working / starting really well on my old system.

And for VMware you need a newer 64bit computer to be able to install versions V12/V14 which are compatible with Android images.


Sadly, it's not possible at the moment.


I wish, but it's not available right now. :(


I want this too... :(

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