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French Challenge!! Beginners and Early Intermediate Native English French Learners

Hey! It's me. If you don't know who I am, check out this link: https://www.duolingo/TornadoRider2008

Anyway, here is the important thing. Wherever you're from, South Africa, the US, Canada, English-speaking India, Australia, Singapour, the UK, Englis-speaking Ireland, Belize, ANYWHERE LIKE that! I bet you don't always hear French. I mean, maybe, Canadians, I dunno. But here is the first annual French Challenge!!! Create your own sentences {level: EARLY BEGINNER}, conversations {level: ADVENTURESOME BEGINNER}, and/or short stories {level: EARLY INTERMEDIATE}. Hey, if you're really into it, email me at none of your beeswax.com. If you need help, use Tinycards:




November 25, 2017


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