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  5. "包子里有肉。"


Translation:There is meat in the bun.

November 25, 2017



I don't think baozi should need to be translated


again Chinese sentence does not imply singular or multiple buns


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


We call steamed stuffed bun


Better just to call it Baozi! :)


On well translated English menus it's usually "steamed filled bun" or "filled steamed bun". I forget which. If it's just "steamed bun" that usually means 馒头. I guess there's not much difference between "filled" and "stuffed" in English but for baozi, "filled" seems better.

But English speakers who know Chinese food or who know China usually just call them baozi.


肉 大部分是猪肉的意思, unless otherwise specified! Come on bro, do you even China?


A man bun... Sorry I'll get out now.


I've never heard it called anything other than "bao" in ordinary conversation here in the States.


In most countries in Southeast Asia they have the same things and they're commonly called "bao" or "pao", so it seems to work beyond just Chinese.


what is a "bun", as a boring chinese i really don't know...


A "bun" in English is usually a small individually baked piece of bread, smaller than a loaf of bread, sometimes called a "roll" or "bread roll". So not the same as a baozi. Baozi are often called "steamed buns" in English which is OK, but English speakers who know China or Chinese food just say "baozi" in English.

Actually to me a baozi is more like another of many kinds of dumplings than a kind of bun.


Meat is inside the bun. (Not accepted as of 11-14-2019).


how do we translate: "The bun has meat inside it"?


Someone at DL has never eaten 包子.One thing they are NOT is a bun. 'Baozi' should be the best translation possible, as there is no real English equivalent.


I totally agree, yet they are commonly described as "steamed buns" in English for some reason. In fact so common that I'd accept this as the standard translation.

I personally regard this as an exception against the meaning of "bun". To me a baozi is a kind of dumpling. But it was translated into English by Chinese speakers and to Chinese people "dumpling" means exactly, specifically, and only "饺子" and baozi is definitely not a kind of jiaozi.


there is meat inside the bread

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