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Levelling up flags/flashes

I know this is a tiny thing, amongst the thousands of requests Duolingo has to deal with, but please can we have back the flag flashes on the level-up banner.

This is what we used to get (level 24, French), compared with what we get now (level 19, Norwegian – not that you'd know it).

[Image: https://imgur.com/pIs6kfR]

Levelling up is a big deal – a huge deal at higher levels – and it would be a great recognition, of a fantastic achievement, to get a more meaningful reward, something I'd actually want to share on social media (like I used to).

November 25, 2017



Hmm, I wonder if maybe you / the Norwegian course are just experiencing a bug.

Here's what I just got as a test:

My best guess is that the lack of the flag attached to the level merits a bug report.


Looks like it's wearing a bow tie! ^_^


On the Android club there are even not any "level-up" messages!

I did some lessons the web portal, XP were assigned to the weekly club dashboard, but not any detail message on the club board :(

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