"She drinks iced tea."


November 25, 2017

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I heard that when in China it's important to remember to add 冰 when saying 我要水, because in China when u say just that they will always give u hot water xD (is it true tho?)


Yes and no. It depends on where you ask for it (restaurant or street stall), and also on how accommodating they are trying to be: my general experience in Xi'an was that if they see that you are a foreigner, often times they will use their knowledge on Westerners (stereotypes), and will give you what they think you want. For me, the most difficult was to explain that I don't want ice-cold water in the 47°C summer heat :D Keep in mind, if it is not bottled water, your only real option is boiled water 开水 / kai1 shui3 (not to be confused with 热水 - hot water!), if you don't want to risk spending the rest of your holiday on the toilet :P


Xi'an? Is it nice?


Yes, they consider hot water healthy and good for your body. So when they give you hot water is a kind of respect for you and your health.


Yeah, that's true. Ice water isn't a thing here, but hot water is the cure for all ailments.


For western restaurants like McDonald's and stuff, as well as Chinese western-like restaurants such as Coco, they usually ask you if you want ice in your soft drink, juice or tea (you can expect no ice if they don't ask)! For traditional Chinese food restaurant they always give you hot (warm) water when you ask for water, yes! Normally, you'd go with some friends and share food in a big table, and water is served in a bottle for the table! That said, your cold water request is likely to raise some eyebrows!


Yes, it's true because you really don't want to drink water that's not been boiled in most places. Also of not if you ask for 開水 (boiled water) some places will give you tea


I think so, they use to drink everything every time hot. 我的老师和热茶when in the middle of the class. He even has a 'termo' full of 茶don't know the word in English, which here in Argentina is really used to maintain the water hot for the mate.


In Malaysia, "iced tea" is "teh 'O' ais" or "teh 'O' beng" where "beng" came from this Chinese word "冰" (bing)


I am doing it right but still giving wrong


她喝冷茶 was rejected.

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