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Asked to repair a lost streak without having lost the streak?

I had a 225 days streak. I took my last lesson yesterday when in China and prepared to take my daily lesson today upon my return in the Netherlands. I was offered the "repair" option which made no sense as i had nothing to repair and found that i lost my streak. There maybe some bug related to time zones.

I hope that can be repaired so that my streak can be reinstated.

If you have any other way to go about it let me know



November 25, 2017



it's probably time zone problems. i think it always stays in the time zone that you created your account in.


You're moving from China to Netherlands - from east to west, this means you moved "backwards" in time, i.e. it's earlier in the Netherlands. And yet this bug occured? Weird.


Well, my laptop's clock resets itself every hour, (It's got a lot of quirks), and I know that unless I move it forwards a day, every morning, my streak will be lost. In fact, I believe I lost a 180+ day streak that way. It's probably to do with time zones.

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