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  5. "中国的什么动物最有名?"


Translation:What is the most famous animal in China?

November 25, 2017



What's china's most famous animal? - should be accepted


If "What Chinese animal is the most famous?" is accepted, it seems reasonable to allow students to drop the "the" and accept "What Chinese animal is most famous?"


What animal is most famous in China


Should accept "animals" as well as "animal". (With "are" instead of "is" of course.)


This entire lesson -- Culture 1 -- needs to go back to the drawing board.


"what is the most famous chinese animal"


Why isn't there a 是 before 最 ?


Because in the most basic scenario, adjectives (e.g. "有名") used as subject complements in Chinese are essentially stative verbs and contain the concept of "to be".

Or you can think of "有名" even more directly as a verb phrase meaning "to have a name", so this sentence translates to something like "China's what animal most has a name".


What animal is most famous in China? Isn't that the same thing as the answer they give?


it seems to me that the chinese sentence mean "which Chinese animal is most known in the world" while your answer "What animal (not nessesary Chinese) is most popular in China"


"What animal is most famous in China" is correct, but not accepted. Please fix.


I don't know. Really it's "What animal of China's is the most famous", as it doesn't specify where it's famous, and the likely intended meaning is "most famous around the world". We can get away with using "in China" to describe the animal, but I think your suggestion shifts the idea to suggest that there's an animal from who-knows-where that's the most famous in China. i.e. among residents of China.

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