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  5. "你能来我的生日派对吗?"


Translation:Can you come to my birthday party?

November 25, 2017



Okay I am Chinese [mainland] and everyone I have ever heard uses 'party' in English for 'party.' Who uses 派对 instead of 会 or something, anyways? Can anyone provide a second opinion, please?


I was taught 派对 is used for "party" in the sense of a "search party"


Pleco says:

派对〔-對〕 pàiduì NOUN TRANSLITERATION COLLOQUIALparty; gathering (usu. social)

新年派对 xīnnián pàiduì New Year’s party


How common is it to use 会 for party? On google translate, they do show 会 to mean party, conference, and meeting. However, they also show it as not being used much or popular.


As the name speaker of English I am actually happy to have a Chinese speaker find the same problems with Duolingo that I do. They lack flexibility. They're just a program. I guess I will excuse them in that they can't lecture... They can't give grammar the way they're set up, and they can't give variant meanings of vocabulary entries when they introduce them. If it makes you feel any better I have seen them actually refine their Chinese from the beginning to this point in certain areas. Everybody relax and perhaps be glad that we're not doing with some future dystopian AI . It's not playing with us it's just not very well written.


i think 派对 is f. ex. a political party and not a festivity at all. Please comment if i'm wrong.


A political party is a 党, 派对 is for the festivity.


In my Chinese classes in Spain, in the 2nd course, we learnt that 聚会 means "party" (like a night party or something similar). So 我的生日聚会 would be "My birthday party". Is that correct?


聚会 literally means gathering. Sounds more like something you would use when you say 同学聚会 (school reunion, literally "classmate gathering").


"Can you make it to my birthday party" should be accepted too.


Agree, it should be 生日会


do neng and keyi have the same meaning? Can either be used in place of the other every time?


No, it can't but this site will give u more info about. I advise u to check it out.



The male TTS voice has a long pause between 生日 and 派对, which sounds really wrong to my Swedish, compound word-loving ears. Is that a natural way of saying it in Chinese or just an artifact of the TTS program?


It's bad TTS. Report it when it happens.

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