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  5. "我很忙,请帮我。"


Translation:I am busy, please help me.

November 25, 2017



Why is the please capitalized if it is not at the beginning of the semtence.


I agree - I deliberately turned the sentence around because of that and it was marked wrong


It's because the English translation is broken into two sentences, and the "Please" is starting the second sentence.


Its not a seperate sentence but a sentence section piece. A period devides things into two sentences, a comma is a pause and is therefor not capitalized.


Maybe they edited it since your comment but the english sentence doesn't have a comma.


I does show a comma for me, and it's December 2018 now. Nothing changes or gets fixed here.

Maybe if they fixed a few things they might get a few more people to pay for subscription.

I'm also doing the French program, but there is a moderator there than fixes things very quickly. Don't know what happened to the Chinese course in that regard.

While Doulingo I think is an excellent method for learning and practice, it is this kind of thing that is very irritating and regularly occurs.


What's the difference between 帮 and 帮助? I thought 帮 couldn't take a direct object and requires another verb, e.g. 帮我找我的狗。


Finally i can say please help me in Chinese.


Do the first 3 characters translate to "I am busy", or "I am very busy"?


I agree that the 很 should make the sentence "very" busy instead of just busy. Pleco lists the definition of 很 as: "very; very much, quite".


While that's technically correct, in the 很[adjective] construction it's basically just a placeholder because it's awkward phrasing otherwise. If you wanted to convey intensity you'd want to use another term like 太。。。了(although this can mean "too" as much as "very"),非常,or doubling the adjective.


Please should not be capitalized.


difference between 帮 and 帮助???


In English, the word "me" is understood. It's not necessary in this translation. So "I'm very busy. Please help." is an acceptable translation.


The question I am busy or very busy is related with the presence of the adjective "very" or not, and is not related with the word "me". I have answered "I am very busy" and it's marked correct.




Just so you know, no native English speaker would ever say this haha. Normally someone would say "I am busy, can you please help me?", but even then it's rather unnatural.

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