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"література" and "театр"

In the skills "hobby" lessons 1 and 4 there is a problem. The Duo does not recognize the words "література" and "театр" and gives "the wrong answer" message. Sometimes it gives these words in both Cyrillic and Latin as "correct solution". A bit weird! And definitely very irritating! Did anybody experience the same problem ?

November 25, 2017



I have tried to repeat these lessons and, yes, I have the same problems. It requires the acute accent on certain vowels. But it is very, very wrong. These acute accents need only for knowledge how to pronounce the words! It does not need at all for the spelling of a word or for any kind of other reasons. When I write in Ukranian I do not use acute accents. So, I'd say it's a mistake which definitely needs a correction. Yes, sometimes the acute accent can change the meaning of a word, but not in these cases.


I just met the "теа́тр" problem in "hobby" (just worked around it by copy-pasting the suggested correct answer).

The annoying thing is that one isn't even allowed to properly report the issue, as the only available option is about the picture not matching the correct answer.

Oh, well, looks like it's the time to ask for a full refund I guess (not!) ;-)


At least I am glad that somebody else also has this problem, because I started to suspect that I'm going out of my mind (learning too many languages at once). A stress sign is used in Ukrainian and Russian only to distinguish between two words with the same spelling but with the different meaning, depending on stress (if it is not clear from context), and for learning purposes in books for small kids and for foreigners. Classical example in Russian "пи́сать - to pee" and "писа́ть - to write". I guess similar examples exist in Ukrainian too. For some reason stress sign doesn't exist on Cyrillic keyboard (too bad). When needed, the capital or bold letter is used. Eurica! Just now I've found a website where you can find and type all king of accents and ligatures in all kind of languages: http://french.typeit.org/


The course does not even allow us to report it in a natural way: https://i.imgur.com/VX2XelW.png


Yep. If you're still stuck, just copy and paste what it gives you as the right answer.

I guess this is one of those things they can't fix until they get a new version of the tree out? (which probably won't be soon?)

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