why does the hints replace t's with l's? the person who gives the best explanation will get a red rupee(because lingots are red rupees)

November 25, 2017


Since this is a question about the workings of Duolingo, and not about French grammar / vocabulary / resources, you'll probably have better luck if you edit your post and use the drop-down menu at top left to change the topic to "Troubleshooting".

That said, it sounds to me like it's just that Duo has chosen a poor font for the hints. Could you take a screenshot of what you're talking about and save it on an image hosting site such as imgur, flickr, google docs, etc? Then post a link to your screen shot here.

Ah-HA!! I posted about this a week ago. This is the first post that confirms what I am seeing. People suggested to me that I 1) need glasses or 2) need to upgrade my browser . I am using Firefox V 52.0.1 . Someone else suggested Chrome.

I would like to know if you are having this problem with the latest version of Firefox or if you use a different browser.

Here is my original post:

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