"All men must die. All men must serve."

Translation:Valar morghūlis. Valar dohaeris.

November 25, 2017

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A customary saying in Essos and a common greeting in Braavos, "valar morghūlis" is traditionally answered with "valar dohaeris".

Also the following are my own notes:

  • "Valar" is in the collective plurality (vs. singular, plural, etc.), in the nominative case.
  • "Morghūlis" and "dohaeris" are in the third-person singular aorist tense.

The aorist tense refers to an action based on the past but without qualified reference to its place in time, duration, or completion ("Men die [at unspecified times in the past, present, and/or future]"). Different from ("Men die [right now]"), ("Men died [in the past]"), ("Men died [in the past, continuously/habitually]"), etc.

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