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"The teacher's home is in Hong Kong."


November 25, 2017



I don't even know what the character is or what it means and it doesn't show up in the words I'm supposed to translate, so how exactly am i supposed to know to put it in the sentence?


You should not always learn things from one source. I'm not saying Duolingo isn't a good platform, but it is definitely beneficial to use other sources. You can try tapping on the words, which helps certain character translations, but studying sentence structure helps you put it in a sentence. A good acronym is St. Plavo S - Subject T - Time Pl- Place A- Adverb V- Verb O- Object Also note that in Chinese, things are listed from greatest to lowest value. For example, to write the date, you first write the year, then the month, and then the day.


To build off of this, Duolingo has a tips section for each lesson if you hit the light bulb, it has helped me a ton. But Savage_Cat is right. Use the comments here and even youtube videos to help build the context around statements like these.


"De" is a possessive particle ."zai" is used to express action in progress or location.


If you tap on the english words it will show you the characters


You can tap on the words

  1. I work with Google Translate along.
  2. The upper sentence's dots tell you the translation if you touch them


Guess. Sometimes direct translation isn't possible. For example in this one "is" doesn't get translated, which is why it isn't an option.


You can report it. I already did


Free Hong Kong from China!


The voice says "lao shü" instead of "lao shi".


What's the point. In learning new york in chinese?


If you say New York in China, a lot of people won't know what you're talking about. Also both of those characters have other meetings which can come in handy later in the lessons.


我是美国人,and if someone said Shanghai or Beijing to me, I'd know what that person was talking about.


Maybe because of Flushing.

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