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  5. "Sixty-three has no zeroes."

"Sixty-three has no zeroes."

Translation:예순셋은 공이 없어요.

November 25, 2017



63 here is written with Native Korean numbers in the Sino-Korean numbers lesson. Can someone please explain why this is incorrect?: 육십삼 공이 없어요.


You're missing the topic particle to separate it from 0 -> 육십삼은


to be honest, '공' as zero is used more in phone numbers, codes, or other types of numbers which you say, ignoring the digits (for example, 01012341234 would be 공일공 일이삼사 일이삼사) but when specifically talking about the word 'zero', the word '영' would be more adequate rather than '공'


I agree. Living in Korea, I can attest to this.

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