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Is there any way I can skip the easy material?

Hello. I'm learning Ukrainian because I might be going to Ukraine in March, and it would be completely wonderful to know a little bit of Ukrainian before going on the trip. I already know some very basic words, phrases, and sentences, and would like to skip forward to get to the harder things in the duolingo course. Is this possible or no? thank you!!!

November 25, 2017



Hi, welcome to Duolingo!

Could you possible relocate this discussion to the Troubleshooting in English forum, where it belongs? That way, it will be more likely for your discussion post to receive attention and for it to be answered by another user. Thank you!

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Is this possible or no?

Yes, here's an article from Duolingo's Help Center regarding this:


You can reset progress and try taking the placement test


or test it of skills using the golden test out buttons, that way you don't have to reset and lose your xp


Yeah ! that would probably be better. There is a reason i have this name after all lol


I would not do that. You can prees the button, "Test out of # Skills", and if you get a good score, you can master all the skills before that.


Be forewarned: Resetting your progress or deleting a language from your profile cannot be undone.

You can reset your progress/remove a course here:


If the initial material is that easy for you , you should be able to fly through it in no time. I also wished to skip to the more complex lessons when I started, mainly because it looked so boring and basic, but I quickly found out my knowledge was not as accurate as I thought...Maybe, It's just my experience...Good luck with your studies.


You can press the button that says "take test" and it tests you and tells you which level you should be on


easy material is often the most difficult

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