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  5. "Habt ihr alles gelesen?"

"Habt ihr alles gelesen?"

Translation:Have you read everything?

November 25, 2017



duo's answer is "Did you read it all?" while my answer was "Did you read all?" and mine was not accepted. I could not find the equivalent of "it" in the German text. I am Japanese and English is a learned language.


Alles” in German does double duty as a pronoun meaning “everything”, so the “it” is required to accompany all, which is otherwise an adjective. Now, “all” can also be a pronoun in English, but it's usage is different and it doesn't work very well as a pronoun in this situation. So, you either translate “alles” as “it all” or (as is more common) as “everything”.


Have you everything read? Shouldn't this be correct as well?


This is not how questions in English are formed, so it's not correct. Sorry.


The answer to my lesson was "Have you all read it all?" Which makes it impossible to get it right if the acceptable answer is really, " Have you read everything?". Which is the correct translation?


I guess both are in principle, assuming you are using "you all" to indicate a group of people. Have you read everything is just the more accurate translation, the 'you' meaning multiple people. There's no 'it' expressively given in the German but using "it all" should convey the same meaning as everything.


"Have you read all?" Was marked as wrong...!!?


I think it would be better with "Have you read it all? or Have you read all of it?". Have you read all? sounds incorrect.


How would one ask: Have you all read?


Do mean "you all" as a group of people? The form given is exactly that.

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