Hello, ever since I've started learning languages I've ran into a problem, my indecisiveness. I start to learn a language for a while and then i have doubts and start thinking about another language. For example i started with Norwegian and continued with it for about 4 months , then suddenly i wanted to learn German, so i stoped Norwegian and went ahead with German, couple months after Italian got my interest so i started learning it, again recently i wanted to learn Norwegian, and the pattern continues! I try to keep my interest but it just diminishes, part of the problem is i want to learn so many languages at once and i can't because i'm learning french at school so i can only choose one, but i can't stick with my decision.I try narrowing my interest's to music and culture but all of them interest me so much! I know if i don't stop i won't be able to learn any languages, but i keep doubting myself and i can't stop.I'm confused on how people can learn one language at a time when there are so many to learn! Would someone please help me learn how to stick to a decision?

November 25, 2017


Psst learn Italian!

I have been doing Esperanto, Spanish, and Italian, and was liking all three. I am almost finished with Esperanto, so I am putting off the others for a couple weeks while I finish Esperanto.

I don't know how to make you stick with one language, but there is nothing wrong with doing more than one at a time.

Try to devote as much time of your day as possible to the single language that you're devoted to. That way, if you do decide to switch tongues later on, you'll have a greater knowledge of the language that you studied previously.

I do the same thing! I would suggest seeking out someone who speaks that language and becoming friends with them and try to speak only with their language. This way it is more motivating to learn that one language and become conversational.

Hana, You have my respect. --- I think that you need to have some fun in the language you choose. It is difficult to watch a comedy on Netflix with a sound track of a language we are weak in. So I watch comedies and mysteries with English subtitles. I also like the responses that others made. You sound like you are going to continue to become a brilliant person. It will take time. Regards, Ken

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