"Lui non legge."

Translation:He does not read.

March 15, 2013

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So does the simple addition of "non" make the verb/sentence negative, as it does here? Or is it more complicated than this sentence example makes it out to be? (I ask because my experience with French was crazy hard with some of its negatives, and I wanna know if I should prepare for that kind of thing to get more complicated.)


I have studied Italian only for two years so my knowledge is limited but here is the deal: Adding non in front of a verb makes it negitive/inverses the meaning eg Non leggete means they dont read Non vado a casa means I do not go home where as Vado a casa means I go home

Hope that helped


I had some difficulty understanding the recording, It sounds like an extra syllable is added following "non," making transcription a bit awkward.

Regardless, loving this website so far.


Agreed. Please report in the report field that the audio is not clear, if you ever see the sentence again. :)



i like the website i’m a beginner but that was a bit hard to understand.

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