"Horses like apples."

Translation:Pferde mögen Äpfel.

November 26, 2017



Not to confuse with the German word "Pferdeäpfel" - that's the word for the horses poop.

September 18, 2018


why is "Apfeln" not correct. duo even gives it as the secondary when you hover over "apples" (I know there are umlauts on the A but cant do tha in the comment section with american keyboard)

January 5, 2019


Äpfeln is only used in some grammatical cases, for example after "den" in accusative ("Wohin mit den Äpfeln?"). But this sentence is in nominative.

January 5, 2019


Whats wrong with" pferde mag apfel"

November 26, 2017


Verbs in German are conjugated depending on the subject. Since “Pferde” is plural, the verb has to be conjugated in third person plural, which is “mögen”. “Mag” is instead the form used for first person singular (“ich mag”) and third person singular (“er/sie/es mag”).

Also the Umlaut (¨) is very important in German: it changes the pronunciation of vowels and sometimes, as in this case, can make singular nouns plural. “Apfel” is one apple, but “Äpfel” are more than one. If you don't have the correct characters available on your keyboard it is customary that you use “ae“, “oe” and “ue” for “ä”, “ö” and “ü” respectively.

November 26, 2017


Pferde is plural. Mag is for singular

December 18, 2017


Mag is used with ich mag (I like), but in this case horses (plural) would be used with mögen. The plural for apples in German is Äpfel, so Apfel is not right.

December 18, 2017


Since pferde is plural, you have to use the plural mögen

December 26, 2017


I used aepfel instead of äpfel (because accents are hard on an english keyboard) and it was counted wrong. Why ae not acceptable on this word when ae/ue/oe are accepted on every other word I've seen?

October 30, 2018


Mogen is likes and wie is to like also menschen is humans leute is people and vice versa in context according to Google translate don't know which one of you is more accurate yet

January 19, 2019


it would be preferable if capital " A Umlaut" was on the keyboard as well when needed. the English keyboard does not offer "A Umlaut" and in order to get the answer correct it would be good if Duo would offer the correct option.

February 27, 2019
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