"Jednou budou kvůli nedostatku vody války."

Translation:One day there will be wars because of water shortage.

November 26, 2017

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"Someday there will be wars because of a water shortage." OR " because of a shortage of water." "Someday" and "one day" are interchangeable in meaning. "Because of water shortage" is incorrect. The article "a" is needed: "because of a water shortage" or "because of a shortage of water".


I don't think 'a' is needed. We're talking about the concept of water shortage. Not about a single occurrence of water shortage.


In English we would say "because of water shortages"


"... because of water shortages" is also accepted.


is this a normal position for "valky" ? is it because it wants to follow SVO form ? or is it possible to write "jednou budou valky, kvůli nedostatku vody" thanks


"Jednou budou války kvůli nedostatku vody." is perfectly fine. No comma should be there. It focuses more on the reason why there will be wars.

"Jednou budou kvůli nedostatku vody války." somewhat stresses that the things that there will be because of that will be wars.

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