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  5. "这个地方真漂亮啊!"


Translation:This place is really beautiful!

November 26, 2017



But how does the particle effect the meaning here?


It conveys an expression e.g. excitement and enthusiasm generally; the sentence is fine without it here.


The 啊 is like the "My" or "Wow", when you say "My, this place is really beautiful!" or "Wow, this place is really beautiful!"


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That's exactly what I want to know!


I've always thought of 漂亮 as "pretty", and 美 or 美丽 as "beautiful". Can a native speaker comment on the likelihood of 美 or 美丽 being used instead of 漂亮 for this sentence?

("Pretty" should be accepted for the English, by the way.)


I am Chinese,generally we say: “这个地方真漂亮啊!” or “这个地方真美啊!”

“漂亮” and “美” are both common in a conversation.

“美丽” can also be used,but it's not natural for this sentence,it's only used in some formal context.

For example: “一位美丽的女士” (A beautiful lady) “我们美丽的祖国母亲” (Our beautiful motherland)


漂亮 is more casual while 美丽 is more formal, and the degree of 美 is between the two. 美丽 is often seen in literature works but rarely used in oral conversations.


I think both 漂亮 and 美/美丽 are fine here.

But in an everyday conversation, 美 or 美丽 sounds too formal. I personally would choose 漂亮, if it is the first time I visit the Yellow Stone park.


For me they are interchangeable in some place.

Well, if you say a person, 美麗 sounds more elegant. If say the scenery, both are fine. But, 美麗 is much more beautiful, like wonderful, gorgeous, marvelous anyway. 美 is more oral speaking.


In my experience, 漂亮 seemed to imply cuteness, whereas 美丽 seemed to imply a sort of graceful beauty, when talking about people. Not really sure if that applies to places or buildings.


"This is a beautiful place!" /"This is a really beautiful place!" should be accepted!


There's a difference in saying "This is... " versus "This place is..." and Chinese makes the same distinction as in English (这是 versus 这个地方). I believe the Chinese for "This is a really beautiful place" is 这是一个很漂亮的地方.

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