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  5. "你觉得怎么样?"


Translation:How do you feel?

November 26, 2017



I put "how are you feeling?"and was marked wrong, am i wrong?


to be honest, i think the correct translation of '你觉得怎么样?' should be how do you like it, because it's more like a question for some specific thing.

as for 'how do you feel?' or 'how are you feeling?', i would translate those as '你感觉怎么样?‘.


你觉得怎么样? Could be translated as: what do you reckon?

So,it's asking how you feel about something.

I agree with borealopithecus.


I used the same sentence and marked wrong :(


Personally, I feel you are correct but these guys want a word for word translation. In a way, it enables one to find a match for the word.


觉得 means think, so teaching us that it means feel and ONLY feel is inaccurate. Also, the sound is wrong I belive. I heard Jiáode when I clicked on the individual word.


I'm sorry, but 觉得 doesn't exactly mean "think" and it's not really used the way we use "think" in English -- though, admittedly, whenever I've heard "你觉得怎么样" it's usually been in the same situation where, in English, we would ask "What do you think [about this]." If you check a dictionary, you'll see that 觉 means "perceive, sense, feel..." which is why it is used in 感觉.


Well, I can understand fully that it means feel by definition, however, I feel as though this is one the word in which the dictionary definition is not as popularly used. The reason I say this is because I also have commonly heard it being used as more of "What do you think about this" instead of " how do you feel about this?" or " How do you perceive this?". I think they should tell us that it can also mean to think or someone's thoughts about something.


This very thing is one of the limitations of learning a language outside of a country. What I mean is, when you're learning while immersed in the language and culture, you can pick up the feel of a word or expression because you use it and hear it used every day. In such conditions, you quickly understand that there are many things that don't translate cleanly into your native language, but it doesn't matter because you personally have the sense of the language.

On the other hand, when you're studying in a classroom or in front of the computer, you have to rely on the dictionary and what the instructor says are equivalents with your own language. It makes learning much harder and your speech winds up being awkward.


I checked possible translations in some languages for "你觉得怎么样? " at Google Translation and a couple of other (dictionary) sites and found that "What do you think?" was its translation rather than "How do you feel?"


"What do you think" was accepted for me. I think (and feel ;) that context would dictate the best translation in a given situation. 你们觉得怎么样? (⊙o⊙)


This question is asking how one feels about something, not how they feel in general. Sometimes seems the developers of the Chinese program don't understand idiomatic English very well.


I also am studying the Pimsleur Mandarin audio course, and if 怎么样 is the same question phrase as in the audio course, then it is often attached to a suggestion to ask 'how about that?' As in 'Let's go eat, how about that?' So, I am not clear about the use of 怎么样 to simply ask how someone feels. I enjoyed everyone's discussion of this, and I hope that it will become clearer as I go forward.


When to know that 觉得 means "think" and when "feel"?


Excellent question.

Somebody answer him


That always depends on context and a bit on experience.
I would usually translate "你觉得怎么样?" as "What do you think?" or "What do you think about it?"
If someone shows you their article or painting or sculpture and asks that, they are obviously asking for your opinion.
If you are at a hospital and someone comes to visit, asking: "你觉得怎么样?" they could be asking for your health. Although, they could also be asking your opinion for their new hairdo - you have to decide from context. ;o)
For health/feelings, I would rather ask: "你怎么样?" = "How are you?"


OK, they are being inconsistent. In a previous quiz they did not accept 觉得, it had to be 感觉. Now it is not 感觉. This is confusing for those of us just starting to learn Chinese.


I thought 怎么 already means "how" by itself, then what is 样/how does it change the meaning of the sentence?


怎么样 can also mean: how are things, what do you think, how was it, how about, in any way, no matter how


Can't " How are you feeling also work?


Why is'how are you feeling' wrong?


"How are you feeling?" = Accepted: Nov. 29, 2019.


I thought this meant, "What do you think (of it)?"


I really think "how are you feeling" should be correct

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