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Help make a list of sentences/phrases said while gaming

We play board games in French every Friday. I was thinking it would be helpful to make a list of useful phrases said while gaming. Can you please help me come up with lists in English, then I'll work on translating them into French.

List #1: Things to say about winning and losing

I won.

You lost.

He won twice.

You go first.

I'll go first, since I lost last game.

It's your turn.

It's not your turn. ...

List #2: Things to say while playing with cards

Pick up 2 cards.

Discard your cards.

Pass 1 card to the left. ...

List #3: Things to say while playing with dice

He rolled a 6.

Roll 3 dice. ...

List #4: Being mean :p

Attack him, he is winning.

Let's all team up against Mom. ...

I'm planning to make a few lists and get them translated into french. I'm hoping for suggestions for lists, and items for the lists. I'm thinking of about 20 items per list. If I come up with some good lists I know a few fluent french speakers from Quebec that can help translate and include some slang.

November 26, 2017



I won. "J'ai gagné" You lost "Vous avez perdu" He won twice" Il a gagné deux fois" You go first "Vous allez d'abord" I'll go first, since I lost the last game "J'y vais en premier, depuis que j'ai perdu le dernier match." It's your turn. " C'est ton tour." It's not your turn " Ce n'est pas votre tour." I'll translate the rest later it's late here and I need sleep sorry hope this is of use to you :)


Hello! Nice question! Let's see,

(He/she) cheated!

My turn is next.

Shuffle the cards please.

Go fish.

Pick up 4 cards.

You skip a turn.

It is a tie.

List titles: board games

Monopoly, Guess who, Candy land, Etc...

This is all I think of right now, I hope this is Helpful! :)

[deactivated user]

    Who won?

    What's the score?

    What game do you want to play?

    What are the teams?

    You're on my team

    You're on his team

    You should try to think of trash talking phrases too like.... You're horrible and so on


    Here is what I have so far. ...

    List #1: General words

    What game do you want to play? Quel jeu veux-tu jouer?

    You go first.Tu y vas en premier.

    I will go last. Je vais aller en dernier.

    You went first last game. Tu es allé premier jeu.

    I went first last game. Je suis allé premier jeu.

    It’s your turn. C'est ton tour.

    It’s not my turn. Ce n'est pas mon tour.

    It’s my turn next. C'est mon tour suivant.

    It’s his/her turn next. C'est son tour suivant.

    Who is winning? Qui gagne?

    Who is losing? Qui est en train de perdre?

    How many points do you have? Combien de points as-tu?

    I have 5 points. J'ai 5 points.

    You have 6 points. Tu as 6 points.

    We are tied. Nous sommes liés.

    You are beating me. Tu me frappes.

    I am beating you. Je te bats.

    I won. J'ai gagné.

    You lost. Tu as perdu.

    Do you want to play again? Tu-veux jouer à nouveau?

    You should go first, because you lost last game. Tu vas d’abord, parce que tu as perdu le dernier match.

    You lost. Tu as perdu

    I lost, again. J'ai perdu, encore une fois.

    I won. J'ai gagné.

    You won again. Tu as encore gagné.

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