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Discussion thread for [WIU] Weekly Incubator Update: 2017, Week 47

Since https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25337533 is locked, why not talk about it here instead? :)

November 26, 2017



This is why they should be unlocked. Nothing wrong with your post or wanting to discuss, but five more people could open a similar discussion. It would be better if they allowed questions like this on the original page.


They could just link this global discussion thread in their original thread.


Hindi's amazing progress streak seems to be over for now. Then again, the Hindi team deserves a good amount of time to rest after the immense progress made about a month ago. I still hope we can get Hindi for Christmas.


That would be amazing. I wouldn't deny a Finnish course for Christmas, either, but you know, that is wishful thinking. :D


lol Finnish Santa will bring Finnish course for Christmas ;) Let's hope at least :D


I feel like it’s almost incumbent on Duolingo NOT to launch a Finnish course, because it would kill the longest running joke on the site. :-p


The fact that #finnishonduolingo is an inside joke here makes me utterly sad, tbh.


Sorry, still getting familiar with this website. Why would such a discussion be locked? Who locks it..a moderator? Will it be unlocked? What's the story?


Only moderators and things can lock discussions, if they want to give out announcements and things. The updates used to be unlocked but they decided that they were more like reports rather than discussions and started locking them.


oh, gotcha. Thanks heaps for putting me in the picture. Out of curiosity, who/what did you mean by "and things" ?


I think they meant admins, AKA employees at Duolingo.


ok, makes sense. Thanks


I can hardly wait for Haitian Creole to come out at some point and I want to have an ALBANIAN COURSE soon!!!!!


If you want to learn Albanian, here are some courses: https://www.memrise.com/courses/english/?q=albanian.

P.S: I'm looking forward to Albanian, too.


Albanian would be great!


Yes! Indonesian made some progress! Woo hoo!

Good work, Team Russian (for Turkish)! 94% completed!


Hope to see Haitian Creole pick up the pace in the new year...kind of sad to see it's been nearly ten months since it hit the incubator, but no update about it in half a year and bits of progress here and there.

[deactivated user]

    I would really like Haitian Creole to speed up a bit too but i really want to see some work be done in Arabic from English because i have been wanting to learn Arabic for a long time


    Progress in one doesn't mean progress has to stop in another, as they all have different contributors. :)

    I can sympathize though, I waited three years for the Mandarin course to appear here, and once it was in the Incubator, the contributors did an amazingly speedy job of getting it to beta, so hopefully it'll be the same for Arabic. They'll likely follow the same general route that the East Asian languages have taken.


    Didn't the Duolingo staff work a lot on Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese for English speakers before those courses were put into Phase 1 of the Incubator?

    If Arabic for English speakers is on that same general route, then it must have spent a lot of time in that same "Phase 0" too. :)


    I think you’re right. They sort of flatlined for awhile and then shot up to Beta in no time.


    Not sure! I only know of the process to be able to teach languages with other alphabets / characters!

    That'd be great for everyone wanting to learn though, it could be ready by spring if that were to hold true. :)


    I've been wanting arabic since I started duolingo years ago. Watching them build it is going to be sweet agony.

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