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"Ich mag dieses Bier seit gestern."

Translation:I like this beer since yesterday.

November 26, 2017



It should really read, "I have liked this beer since yesterday" which, of course, is not in the present tense.


Yes. I agree. English speakers use the "present perfect" tense when "since" is followed by time expressions like "July," "last week," November 1st," etc.


Yes, or present perfect progressive ("I have been reading this book since last week" rather than "I have read this book since last week").


I used the present perfect tense and it was counted wrong, even though it is the natural English usage.


I can't find this sentence in the course. Possible it was deleted or replaced, but its ghost still hangs around.

I'm afraid I don't think I can edit the list of accepted alternatives at this point.


Is this a "natural" German sentence? I agree with Bob that the English translation doesn't feel right, but have no way to judge the German one.


Yes, German uses the present tense in this sort of situation.

Another example: Ich lerne seit drei Monaten Deutsch "I have been learning German for three months"; Ich wohne seit Februar hier "I have been living here since February".

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