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147K learners already!!

Looking at the course options for native English speakers I note they are arranged in descending order of the number of learners. I presume they mean learners on this site, right? Huge numbers!! Impressive and good to have this info. And while I know Chinese has the most number of native speakers in the world, and a lot of interest these days, it's impressive to see so many learning already when the beta was only launched a couple of weeks ago

November 26, 2017



Mandarin is a very important language. I'm glad to see they finally added it. Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin have always been my main goals. So once I get through Spanish, Japanese comes next ( I already have done a decent amount of studying on Japanese so I have a bit of a head start ) .. I'll eventually finally get to mandarin, but I want to make sure that's the only language on once I decided to study it.


"the only language on "...by this you mean you want to study one language at a time, or at least when it comes to Mandarin ?

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