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  5. "Vodu nepijí."

"Vodu nepijí."

Translation:They do not drink water.

November 26, 2017



What's the difference between pijou and pijí?


Nothing much. Pijou is somewhat preferred in spoken language, pijí in written language.


Good day everyone who is learning Czech! Duolingo translates the sentence 'Vodu nepijí' into English as 'They do not drink water'. Whereas I thought that it can also be translated as 'I do not drink water'. Because the verb pijí can be used for I or them either.


Pay attention to the accents/vowel lengths!

Pijí = (they) drink

piji/piju = (I) drink


I get it. Thank you very much!


Can this be also translated to they are not drinking water? I saw another example, "Nepijete pivo," being translated to the present continuous instead of present simple, like here. Is there some flexibility in Czech here compared to English?


Yes, it is possible. Czech, as many other European languages, has only one present tense.


Hello, guys, thanks for all the help so far.

Why isn't the translation "He/She doesn't drink water" also accepted?


third person singular would require "nepije".


What is the difference in sound between "nepiji" (they) and nepiji (I) or for that matter nepije (he, she)? Having a hard time distinguishing.


Look them up on Forvo or read the Tips and Notes for the very first skill.


Does anyone mind including the "you" form translation on this page, too, just so I can have it to reference without having to quit my lesson to load the "tips" page?

Thanks in advance if anyone gets to it before me. I'll try to do it if I see this question again.


Why is not there drinking, why is there drink, I learn Czech and English together.


Are you a native Czech speaker? If yes, check https://www.helpforenglish.cz/article/2014012401-pritomny-cas-prosty-vs-prubehovy

If it is really the case I would suggest staying with English course for a some more time and returning here in a more advanced stage of learning English.

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