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B1 Horen Help

Hello Fam! Can someone please recommend me any practices material for B1 horen?Am very poor at Horen.

November 26, 2017


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I recommend Andrea erzählt, at podclub.ch: http://podclub.ch/sendungen/andrea-erzaehlt-d

After you go through it you will be a new person when it comes to listening and you can start to listen a normal material, like any TV show dubbed in German.

The key to listening comprehension is how much you do it, do it a lot. After few hundreds of hours of videos/podcasts you won't be thinking in terms of B1 / C1 levels anymore, you will understand pretty much everything no matter what you listen.


Excellent link. Grazie mille.


When you cannot produce an umlaut on your keyboard it would be helpful to replace the missing dots with an e following the vowel: hoeren. Before I read the response I did not grasp the meaning of your question. Well, maybe it's just too early in the morning.

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