Stop constant repetition of basics?

So I've been learning Norwegian for two years plus by now. Not just on duolingo. I like to go for full immersion so I have attended 4 courses, watched movies, music, visited the country 3 times and began reading books in Norwegian.

In between duolingo suffered, of course, but my Norwegian improved in leaps and bounds. I decided to go back to Norwegian on duolingo, which I did meticulously for the first few months of my language journey and kept up golden everyday. But it got really tiring. Repeat basics over and over when I already began reading fantasy novels in the language? And now that I returned to finally finish the course on duolingo I am annoyed by the prospect to theoretically having to redo every lesson to get the course back to all gold. I really like doing things properly, but can't there be... I don't know... a break, a full-stop at some point? If you are done with a course, is it really necessary to redo the basics every week? Can't there be a way to strengthen whole sections in one go?

Sorry, had to rant here. This mess of lessons makes me feel like a failure.

November 26, 2017


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We make the content - Duolingo decides how it's presented to you. Duo staff do not read the Norwegian forum.

The strengthening algorithm assumes that Duo is your only source of learning, it also assumes that language skills detoriate over time, which is true. It may be overly aggressive, especially for the longer courses, but you can't expect it to know your circumstances.

However, YOU do have all the info, and it's telling you strengthening basics is a waste of your time. The obvious answer is to stop repeating basics, and rather seek out the skills you know from experience to be your weak spots. When you run out of those, move on. Duo stopped being a tool for advanced learners the day Immersion was removed.

The end goal is never a golden tree, it's learning a language. :)

November 26, 2017

Duo stopped being a tool for advanced learners the day Immersion was removed.

That isn't to say Duolingo might some day make a return to focus on intermediate and advanced learning.

November 26, 2017
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