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  5. "Tetině kočce chutnají ptáci."

"Tetině kočce chutnají ptáci."

Translation:My aunt's cat likes birds.

November 26, 2017



I think "likes the taste of" should also be a possible translation, likes is too indefinite, in some cases in good falsely denote affection, or pleasure


HELP - please explain why Tetině kočka" is not used. Because the cat belongs to My Aunt, it forces the subject into the dative case?


This sentence is a bit tricky. The literal and very un-English translation is sth like 'Birds are tasty to my aunt's cat.' The subject is ptáci, kočce is an object, so that's why you cannot use kočka. Dative has the basic meaning of 'to/for' eg. 'belonging to', 'giving sth to sb', 'doing sth for sb'.


I'll try to think about it this way and see if it makes it any easier. Thanks.


"My aunt's" Why we need to use "my"?


Czech uses pronouns less often than English does. Especially when speaking about a relative or a body part, if no possessive pronoun in used, it is assumed that whatever is "owned" is "owned" by the speaker/subject. But in English, the possessive is needed here.

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