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"Mluvil a díval se na vlastního psa."

Translation:He was talking and looking at his own dog.

November 26, 2017



When do we use "vlastní" instead of "svůj"(eg. svého psa)?


You are missing a word in the English translation...should be "He was talking to and looking at his own dog."


You are right but talking at is not a very natural thing to say.


Why not talked to and looked at?


That is accepted as well.


How would you write "He was talking to and looking at his own dog"?


Not sure actually. English here allows you something that Czech does not like - the stray preposition. I am not sure the present sentence can mean that - but perhaps... really not sure. To be clear we would choose a different wording "Mluvil na vlastního psa a díval se na něj.".


Why not "He spoke and watched..."?


"He spoke and watched his own dog" is also accepted. There is, however, a report in the system for "He spoke and watched AT his own dog" that came in at the same time as your comment, which may have been your complete answer. "Watched AT" doesn't work in English -- it should be either "looked at" or "watched."

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