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British English

I am British and am trying to learn Japanese but am sometimes confused by American English spelling, words and phrases. Is there a British English language version available?

November 26, 2017



No, there isn't.


Sad, isn't it?


Well, you're learning some American English too, by the way ;)


One of the biggest issues is likely the fact that default answers tend to be overly colloquial. If they favored proper English many of these issues would be moot. Differences in spelling, however, should be added gradually (one would assume). Like it or not, your understanding of contemporary American English will likely improve.

If team Britain reports 'My answer should have been accepted' often enough the change might be expedited.


It should accept British English as an alternate, and if it does not, then report it.

The course is in beta, and American English is the default, so this may not be 100% yet.


Unfortunately this course is still in beta, so there is a lot to be desired. Hopefully the creators will take in consideration everyone's feedback and start to incorporate it.

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