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  5. "Sie wurde rot."

"Sie wurde rot."

Translation:She blushed.

April 8, 2014



Not getting this at first glance. Is this another idiom?


Seems pretty straightforward, but it does look like an idiom. "She became red"


to be as precise as possible you could use "sie errötete" to separate it from becoming a commie, although that is a little bit old-fashioned in spoken language.


unless you are a drunken senator...


"She was red." Pretty much holds the same meaning as "She blushed." because when you blush you turn red.


It's "became", not "was". Or even better "She turned red"


"She was red" would be "sie war rot".


The audio is kinda unclear. Sounds more like "erod"


difficult for me , to listen ‘’wurde‘’ und‘’ wollte‘, sound the same


Wenn man sich schämt, wird man rot. Wenn man sich neidisch, wird man grün. Wenn man sich Ampel, wird man rot, grün und gelb.


to go red in English is the same as to blush. It should not be marked as wrong


Die Aussprache der Frau war so undeutlich, dass ich konnte kaum verstehen : " sie wurde rot sondern sie wurde erholt


I'm tired, so I admit my brain might be missing something, but I feel like my answer, 'She grew red' should also be accepted. I'm pretty sure I've read that places. As I said, tired, because I admit 'blushed' is a more elegant and succinct version and I just didn't think of it. But I feel like my answer should still be acceptable, shouldn't it?


The main thing is that you understand the German. Quibbling over the English translation is not really important. When you can speak German fluently you will not be translating everything into English first (unless you are working as a translator I suppose) so it won't matter.

But to answer your question, that would be a correct literal translation since "to grow" is a correct translation of werden and "grew red" is also an expression that could be used in English although not nearly as often as "she blushed" or "she went red".


I'm sure this was translated as "She became red" earlier in this set of lessons, and then later it is not accepted.


"Wir wurden müde = we were becoming tired" is correct , but "Sie wurde rot = She was becoming red" is wrong.

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