"She likes Italian white wine."


November 26, 2017

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白酒 is the strong chinese alcohol drink based on grain. wine should be 葡萄酒 in chinese shouldn't it? White wine should be 白葡萄酒。


We've actually had a long discussion about this the past couple weeks in the course chat, the consensus is a bit split but in informal speech saying 白葡萄酒 is just too clumsy, for example 你想喝白葡萄酒还是红酒? In addition, the fact that Italy doesn't make Chinese baijiu also makes it clear that it's white wine and not baijiu.


白酒 could mean both


If you ask for this in china you will not get wine!


Why wouldn't you say 意大利的白酒 using 的 ?


I find this is a common cause of confusion amongst my Chinese students. They usually translate 白酒 as white wine when they speak English, and assume that 酒=wine. They are perhaps not very familiar with white wine, however, as it isn't nearly as common here (in 广州市)as red (or 白酒).

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