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Error in the French program

Every time I get to the exercise "Select all correct translations" I have to start from scratch because the program has a glitch. Is this happening to anyone else?

November 26, 2017



"Every time "? from the beginning? you are level 23!


Good point! I noticed it about 3-4 weeks ago. It was not an issue before.


Envoie un rapport d'erreur ici :


C'est la seule façon ""d'espérer"" qu'un membre du staff de Duolingo lise ton message. Sur le forum, il n'y a jamais personne du staff qui vienne lire les discussions.


The language here is English. Your comments can be useful to a lot of users whose French is not advanced enough to understand them.


What kind of a glitch? Does the session abort itself?


No it is not happening to me, but maybe you should try uesing a different computer.

[deactivated user]

    Not with me- maybe reload the screen? Restart the computer?


    By your responses, it is likely an issue with my devise. Thank everyone for your contribution.


    try restarting you computer and see if that helps. then if you are still having the problem try out different browsers as sometimes Duo won't work properly in one browser but it is fine in another. Then if you are still having problems it is still worth reporting it to Duo as although noone commenting here has the problem, there maybe other people having the same problem, but they may not have checked this discussion thread. Give the Duo team all the info about the steps that you have tried. you can also try a different language course and see if it happens in another course or just French.


    Thank you for your suggestions, Nityaji.

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