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Expanded Russian

Duolingo is an excellent site. I spend most of my time on a device, because I can manage my club there. My brother does French, I do Russian, and my little brother improves on Spanish (which is a language within our house).

While I do my Russian, I notice something on French and Spanish that I don't have. A fluency bar, bots, and bonus skills.

I feel it is selfish for me to ask for more on an already huge set of lessons on Russian, but I would just like to see it as developed as the other languages on the site.

This site is awesome-I tried out Rosetta Stone (free trial) and it was not the same caliber as Duolingo (probably 9mm to a 50).

The art style, sounds, and the well-done computer-generated statements you have to translate are what make this website so good.

P.S. I am thinking of buying a Duolingo Plus subscription for travels, so as not to lose my streak (and do lessons on an airplane). Cheers!

November 26, 2017



I agree with you. I have studied multiple languages on Duolingo and Russian offers the fewest "extras". What i miss the most however is not having the audio repitition function. I find this very helpful for improving pronunciation and it also helps me to retain vocabulary better when I have said the words out loud.

What I do really appreciate about the Russian course however is the wide latitude they give for spelling during the listening exercises. It is difficult to spell with 100% accuracy using a Cyrillic keyboard and demoralizing if you get too many wrong answers. Russian is definitely the most challenging language that I have tackled on Duolingo so far and I need all the help I can get to keep me from bailing out and switching to an "easier" language.


The fluency bar is meaningless…

BTW, it's true that there are some features missing in the Russian course but it's nevertheless one of the best on Duolingo (especially the good Tips and Notes).


Yes, I agree completely! Russian learners definitely deserve more extra perks :) Here are some ideas I have: pronunciation exercises duolingo stories (the same that Spanish and French have) duolingo podcast with subtitles in both Russian and English more skills in the tree

Anyone knows how can we make it a reality?


Russian from English and English from Russian are without extras, unlike most other languages I tried.

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