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    I've seen wurde in various places but have never actually known how it's used. I've seen that that it means 'was' when you're using something like 'I was born...' but I don't really understand the concept. I've heard a few singers like Helene Fischer use it sometimes but she pronounces it the way my German teacher pronounces würden, and she pronounces würden as he pronounces werden. I'm lost in how it's used and pronounced, can someone help?

    November 26, 2017



    Hi Tom,

    'I was born' -> 'Ich wurde geboren'

    'I would like to do it' -> 'Ich würde es gerne machen.'

    'I will go' -> 'Ich werde gehen'

    https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/werden klick on the book icon and you get the table for 'werden'

    best regards Angel


    I think you're confused between the three different forms: werden, wurden, and würden. They're all pronounced differently, and are all forms of the same infinitive "werden" - "to become".

    A summary of common uses:

    Werden: to become or "will". Primarily used in forming the future tenses I + II, as well as the passive moods of the present and future tenses.

    Wurden: became (preterite of "werden"). Primarily used in forming the passive preterite tense (as in your example "Ich wurde geboren").

    Würden: would (become). Konjuktiv II (generally present and future) indicating subjunctive mood or polite requests (ich würde fahren, aber ich habe kein Benzin - I would drive, but I have no petrol).

    Good luck :)

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