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More things in the shop?

I was VERRRYYYYYYYYY surprised when I saw some comments saying that some people have thousands of lingots. Not only that, I have 53 lingots, bought everything in the shop, but I want to spend on something else, something even more. If you agree, comment down below and tell me which kinds of things should be added! Here's some ideas...
1. Get 50XP a day for 7 days in a seven day streak and win 30 lingots.
2. Spend 30 lingots and see a French/ any language your learning cartoon or story to help you understand that language better.
3. (This is my favourite) Spend 100> lingots to get your language GIFs for when you type comments in other discussions.

Put your suggestions down below! All are welcome and I will give lingots to the best suggestions and add them to my list!

cake-4-life x

November 26, 2017



For #1, they already sorta have that, every 10 days you keep a streak for, you get an increasing amount of lingots. For #2, the "Stories" section under the Labs tab in the blue bar does pretty much the same thing, but it's only available for Spanish + Portuguese currently. I really like #3, but it might lead to people spamming. We definitely need more stuff to buy. I've just been hoarding my 16,944 lingots with nothing to spend them on.


Once someone gave me ten lingots in a discussion but some people get about 1000!!!


i think we should add things like, i dunno, for getting achievements can get lingots. we can then spend them on buying more stories, right now, achievements are kind of meaningless because they don't do anything. we also need more stories lol

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