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  5. "They are my big brothers."

"They are my big brothers."

Translation:Ei sunt frații mei mai mari.

November 26, 2017



'Mai mari' means bigger right? Wouldn't 'big brothers' just be 'frații mei mari' ?


I totally agree with you


maybe you felt into a little trap ... because "mei" and "mai" sound so similar....

1) they are brothers == ei sunt frati

2) they are my brothers == ei sunt fratii mei

3) they are my big brothers == ei sunt fratii mei mari

but in the Romanian language ... you usually express such a statement from the speaker s view .... so ... compared to ME, my brothers are "MORE" bigger / elder / aged than I am ... that s why the MORE == MAI has to be placed in between... and you have the answer ....

"ei sunt fratii mei MAI mari" ..................................

but you can also say : ei sunt fratii mei MAI in vârstă == they are my MORE aged ( = elder = older) brothers

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