"They are my big brothers."

Translation:Ei sunt frații mei mai mari.

November 26, 2017

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'Mai mari' means bigger right? Wouldn't 'big brothers' just be 'frații mei mari' ?


I totally agree with you


maybe you felt into a little trap ... because "mei" and "mai" sound so similar....

1) they are brothers == ei sunt frati

2) they are my brothers == ei sunt fratii mei

3) they are my big brothers == ei sunt fratii mei mari

but in the Romanian language ... you usually express such a statement from the speaker s view .... so ... compared to ME, my brothers are "MORE" bigger / elder / aged than I am ... that s why the MORE == MAI has to be placed in between... and you have the answer ....

"ei sunt fratii mei MAI mari" ..................................

but you can also say : ei sunt fratii mei MAI in vârstă == they are my MORE aged ( = elder = older) brothers


Despite your looong explanation, actually your #3 is correct, so not "mai mari". I am a native speaker and it is not correct to assume like that. And you are also teaching foreign students wrong constructs based on assumptions without any concrete fact. It is "my big brothers", therefore "frații mei mari". There is absolutely no comparison to the speaker whatsoever. It is the same with another exercise I encountered around here, "Mother has a brother." meaning "Mama are un frate." Not "mama mea". It could be the mother of the frog in sight. Same here, it could be that my brothers are big in terms of absolute size and not relative to the speaker. And btw there is no mention of age anywhere...


You are absolutely correct. Duolingo messed up here.


why is ele wrong?


Because it's feminine and these are brothers

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