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I lost a 1166 day streak because my new laptop was set to a wrong timezone when I logged in.

I think the title pretty much covers my predicament.

Any chance of getting it back?

November 26, 2017



You could submit a bug report, but the chances of the staff getting back to you about your streak are quite slim from what I've seen on the forum.


Thanks. It seems to be back to normal now, so hopefully it was just the site being confused by me switching back and forth between different dates.


Your profile shows a streak of 1167 days. (https://www.duolingo.com/FrankKool)
The Duolingo discussion forums are very buggy from Oct 3. That might be the reason that your streak is not visible in this discussion.
You bought a new "streak freeze" today.
I assume, your former "streak freeze" was used yesterday. That prevented losing your streak.


Any chance of getting it back?

Only in the iOS or Android App if there appears an offer to buy back your streak for real money
What is a Streak Repair?


I see that you have 1167 day streak:


But now you have lost your 1167 day streak:

"last_streak":{ "length":1167, "is_available_for_repair": true, "last_reached_goal": 1511673859000.0, "days_ago":2 }


Others have written about the opportunity to buy back a streak, though I have no idea how it is done. If it is the end of your streak, congratulations on what you have thus far accomplished. And remember, you still have the knowledge and satisfaction of what you have learned. Best wishes. :)


Android / iOs only


Ask "Trouble shooting". Perhaps you can buy it back. Having lost several streaks, I know how you feel.


Hi FrankKool, I'm sorry about your streak. I can understand that it can be hard to lose something you've built up for so long.

To attract more attention, I would suggest that you relocate this discussion to the Troubleshooting in English forum.

How to move a post:

This discussion defines these sorts of problems, and you might want to quickly view it:

The discussion forums have been slightly glitchy lately. Particularly, please read this article from Duolingo's Help Center:
https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004986743- Forum-Maintenance-Planned-for-Oct-3-9AM

Your profile displays that you currently have an 1167-day streak (which I must congratulate you on!), and it's possible that it's not being displayed in the discussion forums due to the recent glitches.

Any chance of getting it back?

Try submitting a bug report via at here:

Good luck.


Your streak is still here. Perhaps it is just not showing up. I guess you should submit bug reports about it not showing up?

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Did you have a streak freeze in place?


Even if you have a Streak Freeze, Duo could be confused and split its day into your two days, or finish part of one day before the other. This would be quite confusing. What I'm saying is that you could've lost your streak even with that.

However, I'd say trying to adjust to Duo timezones and keeping the Freeze is a good idea.


Streak freeze failures are predictable and thus preventable 99.9% of the time. I outline those situations in the discussion Checked your streak freeze today?. :)


Yup, they are! Thanks for the helpful discussion; it has helped me a lot!


@Olja., if you don't mind me asking, what course are you the contributor of? :)


I am so sorry! Well, look on the bright side: you still have 1,166 days worth of whatever language you are learning. Good luck!


Ooh, that is a lot of dedication down the drain, hope you get it back.


I've had to buy streak freezes 4-5 times in the past ~2 weeks while I had reached my goal before midnight. The system clocked off at 23:00 instead of 24:00 (while it does show I have an hour left at 23:00). It always seems to do this the week(s) before the switch between summer and winter time.

The inability to simply set your own timezone / reset hour is an ENORMOUS pain in the -you know what-. The usual reset of 00:00 is already annoying for me, I would like it to be a few hours later. When it then gets set to 23:00 because of a bug / some kind of international synchronization it's even more annoying.

It's extremely easy to lose streaks because of the timezone bugs / issues and the inability to choose one that fits your time schedule best. If I ever lose my streak, there's a high chance that it's because of this. - it could make me rage quit too, not because of losing a streak but because of the reason why I'd have lost it.


You MIGHT be able to submit a bug report, but when I submitted one for my 345 day streak they ingored it.


The Streak articles in the Help menu say they don't repair streaks any more (outside of the paid streak repair option). And, unless there is a sitewide outage or something that affects a ton of people all at once, they really mostly don't. 99.99% of times, streak loss is user error. It was costing too many staff hours to chase the 99.99 false cases just to learn it was user error. So, when people report them, it causes a backlog problem.

I created a post to address protecting streaks, including the most predictable causes of streak loss, which will all be attributed to user error (including phone sync problems). Click link for the discussion: Checked your streak freeze today?

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